Friday, 17 June 2011

Teen Wolf in Danger – A Killer On The Loose!

If Derek wasn’t having a good time until now, it’s going to be even worse.

Come Teen Wolf’s new episode, and Derek’s adversaries may just romp you off your peaceful moments entirely. Scott and Stiles, after seeing a dead body near Derek’s house, deduced Derek’s involvement in it, and reported it to local Sheriff.

 You know all this – Derek goes to jail, comes out and learns a few things here and there. With the next episode, he is going to face a tough time that won’t say goodbye for a while. A new killer has entered the town.

What has that got to do with Derek?

He intends to kill Derek! The ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ will be answered ultimately, but for now, let’s consider what will happen, if Derek gets killed.

We saw a hint of a possible future friendship between Scott and Derek in the pilot episode. If Derek dies, someone will come to fill his shoes, i.e. to befriend Scott, so that we get our mushy brotherly-hood friendship.

And now that Scott has almost become a werewolf – he has gained most of the traits – Derek as a werewolf, provides us (and Scott) with the notion of being strong; this fun automatically seeps in when Scott fights a nemesis.

So I think there will be a thousand times that the creators of the show will think over killing Derek so early in the season; I’d rather hold a belief against that notion, even much later in the season.

And why haven’t I told you that just like the other previous episodes, you can get Teen Wolf season 1 episode 4 download as well! Yes, you can! Meanwhile, try and figure out if Allison and Scott will hit it off or not.

I think they won’t, what say you?

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