Friday, 8 July 2011

A Crisis Befalls Scott in School, Who would Come to his Rescue?

It has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride, ever since this show made a foray on the small screen!
Watch Teen Wolf season 1 episode 7 online once it is aired and catch up with Scott who would be caught up in a situation of the sort that makes your head go round and round!

Alas! That’s the tragedy of his life ever since he came to terms with his existence as a werewolf, and he has been grappling with a lot many things at one go.

Now what awaits this lad? The upcoming batch would showcase Scott and his troupe being turned into captives within the school as Alpha approaches them with fiendish motives.

Something sinister is up in the mind of Alpha, that’s for sure! What makes me think this is the negative vibe emanated by the character even if you talk about the previous installment.

Alpha made a mysterious spiral mark on Scott’s window, the exact connotation of which is unknown to us. What would it get in causing harm to Scott and his friends?

Is Alpha seeking vengeance against an animosity borne for too long? Only time has an answer to this one!

God help Scott, though he can swap his mortal form in a swish and with his renewed self can face any danger coming his way!

Stay tuned!