Friday, 24 June 2011

Here comes ‘5 feet 10 inches toned-body with jaw-dropping abs’– Ty!

I am sure all the beautiful girls must have recognized the person, I am talking about! Isn’t it!

Of course, I am referring to the handsome hunk who has stolen the limelight and has become a house hold name after appearing in the show, ‘Teen Wolf.’

Yes guys, he is none other than Tyler Posey aka Ty!
Awwh……he has got perfectly toned arms and amazing abs. His woman-fainting features do not end here, as he has lustrous black locks as well!

Guys, do you want to know the mantra behind his jaw dropping physique?

I can hear a loud yes, already! After all, anyone will like to have a body that makes the girls drool over it.

Well! The only mantra that Ty followed was his passion to do the role, which he was offered. Exhausting sessions in the gym have gifted him that sexy physique.

So, if any one of you wants to follow the foot steps of Ty, then get ready to become a gym-lover!

He used to work out thrice a week under the guidelines of his trainer and did hard exercises to make his muscles visible.

At the age of nineteen, he has become famous, because of two reasons. One being him portraying the central character of the popular show, Teen Wolf and the other- do I need to mention that?

Of course, for his fitness, which he shows off in the show by doing shirtless scenes.

To catch the macho hunk with the click of your mouse, you can watch Teen Wolf season 1 episode 5 online, after its telecast.

So guys, pave way for the talented individual who started working as an actor at the tender age of six and who loves to play and listen to music!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Teen Wolf in Danger – A Killer On The Loose!

If Derek wasn’t having a good time until now, it’s going to be even worse.

Come Teen Wolf’s new episode, and Derek’s adversaries may just romp you off your peaceful moments entirely. Scott and Stiles, after seeing a dead body near Derek’s house, deduced Derek’s involvement in it, and reported it to local Sheriff.

 You know all this – Derek goes to jail, comes out and learns a few things here and there. With the next episode, he is going to face a tough time that won’t say goodbye for a while. A new killer has entered the town.

What has that got to do with Derek?

He intends to kill Derek! The ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ will be answered ultimately, but for now, let’s consider what will happen, if Derek gets killed.

We saw a hint of a possible future friendship between Scott and Derek in the pilot episode. If Derek dies, someone will come to fill his shoes, i.e. to befriend Scott, so that we get our mushy brotherly-hood friendship.

And now that Scott has almost become a werewolf – he has gained most of the traits – Derek as a werewolf, provides us (and Scott) with the notion of being strong; this fun automatically seeps in when Scott fights a nemesis.

So I think there will be a thousand times that the creators of the show will think over killing Derek so early in the season; I’d rather hold a belief against that notion, even much later in the season.

And why haven’t I told you that just like the other previous episodes, you can get Teen Wolf season 1 episode 4 download as well! Yes, you can! Meanwhile, try and figure out if Allison and Scott will hit it off or not.

I think they won’t, what say you?